Welcome to the Duratech Coatings website!

On our website, we will be providing you with new information and updates about our concrete coatings, answers to frequently asked questions and concerns, and how you can make purchases online and ready for pick-up at our Calgary store.


We believe in providing customers with everything they need to finish their flooring installation, whether that is hiring us to do it for them or learning how to do it themselves. This is why we include product descriptions and colour charts in our Products and Services section on our homepage. We want you to take the initiative to learn things for yourself and of course, we don’t want you to be afraid to ask us for help because that is what we’re here for.


So feel free to explore our newly launched web page and discover what products and services we have that will best suit your needs. We pride ourselves on providing concrete coatings supplies, equipment, and training that work great for everyone!


– Duratech

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