SEALCHEM – C-Crete C – 3 Gallon Kit


Ccrete combines advantages of both epoxy and polyurethane technologies. It was designed to maintain the integrity of concrete surfaces while showing very good appearance. It exhibits excellent physical, chemical and solvent resistance. It is very suitable for surface protection in various areas such as Industrial, Commercial, Infrastructural and Residential.

■ Excellent abrasion resistance
■ Low temperature curing
■ Excellent resistance to bacterial proliferation
■ Stable in water immersion at low temperature
■ Zero V.O.C (Environmentally friendly)
■ No particle emissions (zero phenol)
■ Excellent adhesive properties with concrete
■ Easy to clean
■ C.F.I.A approval in progress
■ UV ray resistance
■ Stain and yellowing resistant
■ Very good chemical resistance

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