Common Concrete Surface Defects

For over a decade, Duratech Coatings has been educating Western Canada about the potential risks of concrete defects and contaminants which are proven to be harmful against the traditional power troweled finishes commonly found in garages and driveways.
We have taken the time to help identify a few common causes and how we can prevent or repair these defects.
Trapped air under an already sealed airtight surface leaves your concrete vulnerable and can break apart. The cause of this defect is insufficient vibration during compaction that does not adequately release entrapped air.
Q: How can you prevent or repair this defect?
A: With the use of a Metal Shot Blasting Machine, the brittle surface above the air bubbles can be blasted away within minutes. Once the brittle blisters have been open and removed, we recommend protecting your concrete with a flooring system such as Duratech Flake or the Duratech Stone.

Concrete will always crack in time, however, some unexpected cracking can be a result of one, or a combination of factors. It could be drying shrinkage, thermal contraction, applied load such as vehicles, and most commonly, subgrade settlement.
Q: How can you prevent or repair this defect?
A: At Duratech Coatings, we use flexible epoxy gel to repair and fuse together the cracks on the concrete. It is recommended to cover the repair with a polymer flooring system such as Duratech Flake.

Spalling is a surface defect often appearing in circular depressions on the surface of the concrete. Spalls are caused by pressure or expansion within the concrete. If left unrepaired, spalls can accelerate deterioration and lead to more concrete defects such as scaling or mortar flaking. When harmful contaminants such as road salts are introduced into the spalls during winter months, your concrete can go from a brand new look to an extremely dusty and deteriorated floor.
Q: How can you prevent or repair this defect?
A: Many companies have different ways of handling each case of spalling. At Duratech Coatings, we stick with polymer coatings which soak into the concrete creating an unbreakable bond. Others use cementitious products to fill and repair spalling as a less expensive option compared to using professional grade polymer coatings such as SealChem SC-4000 Epoxy.

With over 20 different types of concrete defects, Blisters, Cracking, and Spalling are the most commonly found throughout Calgary, and Western Alberta. If you’re experiencing a different problem, feel free to contact us or visit us in our Calgary Showroom.

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