Avoid headaches with the right coating solution!

“Educating yourself on the coating industry can save you from future headaches,

when it comes to choosing the right products for your flooring project.”

At Duratech Coatings, we want to prevent the headaches caused by the flaws in concrete surfaces. With the consideration of your concrete surface needs, we establish a solution by providing you with our expertise in determining the flooring system that best fits your needs.
Information will be provided to ensure that you understand the processes of installment prior to obtaining the flooring system you desire. It is our goal, at Duratech Coatings, to establish the appropriate solution to meet your concrete coating needs.


What is the right flooring system for your project?


Prior to booking an appointment with us, we highly recommend you review the flooring systems available. Researching your options will further assist you in deciding what you truly want. We want you to gain a better understanding about our products and if Duratech Coatings is the best solution for you. Likewise, despite what some experts have claimed, there is no particular product that is right for every flooring project!


All projects are different and come with distinctly different conditions. For this reason, when it comes to picking an appropriate flooring system, it is not simply just applying a top coat to temporarily mask imperfections. For instance, what are the most Common Concrete Surface Defects and how can it be fixed?; what is the condition of your concrete?; are you looking to only seal your concrete surface?; do you need an anti-slip additive? These are frequently asked questions when a concrete surface is being analyzed.


See a clear picture of your floor!


Once the appropriate flooring system has been identified, you can ask “what appearance and materials should you use?”, you can form a clearer picture of which flooring solution you want and should be considering.


The key take away should be that when it comes to figuring out what flooring systems work best for your project, you need to understand that all types of coatings will have advantages and disadvantages. Thinking one can do it all will only set you up for some serious headaches, and to avoid this from happening, you should always educate yourself on the best solutions for your project before coming to an expert!


– Duratech

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